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Taipei Tennis Center is a project under 2017 Universiade in Taipei. Therefore, the entire design needs to satisfy international standards of tennis events, and serve as a regional open space to the public in usual at the same time.
To contain a large number of spectators while games being held, a large size of plaza is required in the outdoor. In hence landforms and materials are two key elements used to create better visual and spatial experiences for the users. On the other hand, forest, hill and waterscape allocated on the edge will provide a comfortable microclimate for the spectators while internally enhance the eco-quality of the region as well.

位置 Location

面積 Size

完工時間 Completed Year

狀態 Status

臺北市內湖區 Neihu Dist., Taipei City

2.2 ha


Construction Completed

業主 Client

團隊 Team

臺北市政府 Taipei City Government

竹間聯合建築師事務所 CHIEN Architects & Associates

獲獎紀錄 Awards

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