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The project site was a former military camp, isolated from the surrounding neighborhood. Due to the specialized usages for training and security inquiries, the landscape on site was simple and monotonous. Since the site was out of practice for Completed Years, the depressions easily became swamps, and the original runway surface was worn-out over time.

Incorporating the existing depressions, our “Lowland Park” design creates a series of rain gardens and ponds. Taking advantage of the elevation difference, we design green steps and resting spots along the edge of the park. The worn-out runway is now renovated and used as the exercise and play space for the community. The preserved big trees, provide good shading for the people. This project fulfills it’s goal of linking the past history of the site with present usages, and soon will become part of the local common memory.

位置 Location

面積 Size

完工時間 Completed Year

狀態 Status

新北市樹林區 Shulin Dist., New Taipei City

規劃5.8 ha /設計1.16 ha


Construction Completed

業主 Client

團隊 Team

新北市政府 New Taipei City Government 

獲獎紀錄 Awards

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