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Environment has always been the critical element for Ju Ming to corporate to enhance his sculptures. We started to work on the spatial design beside an existing pond in 2008, in order to home the Scientist Series sculptures.

The design is to greened and soften the edges of the existing pond. The main circulation and the placements of the sculpture interweaved and appear along the water edge, launching conversations between the sculptures and the viewers. The white sculptures are intentionally placed on green carpets, where the white is more vibrant and future maintenance or replacement can easily be done. The central pond reflects the surrounding and amplified the sensational experience of walking in the woods.

Therefore, the landscape surrounding the science area is no longer simply a pedestrian walk and a conventional pond, but an integrated part of the art work, encouraging interactions between people, sculptures, and the natural world.

位置 Location

面積 Size

完工時間 Completed Year

狀態 Status

新北市金山區 Jinshan Dist., New Taipei City

4,020 m²


Construction Completed

業主 Client

團隊 Team

財團法人朱銘文教基金會 NPO JUMING Culture and Education Foundation

獲獎紀錄 Awards

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