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因此,本設計提出融合地景與建築的設計構想 : 透過由地面延伸至屋頂的薄層綠化,還給公園一片免費的綠地;公園不因本運動中心的設置而變小,同時將市民的休憩活動立體化,成為新莊區一個登高望遠的都市觀景台;原本單一的量體大幅提升開放性,藉由穿廊的設計讓周邊社區得以穿越建築進入後方的公園;水景則從公園的景觀池延伸至街角,配合公共藝術品的設置,成為本休閒運動中心及公園的主要出入口。

XinZhuang Sports and Athletics Centre comprise of three mass buildings: the baseball field, the track and field area, and the stadium; which are undoubtedly a major space for specific events. Looking at its location in the park and the only route connected them together; it is obvious that the rest of the space in the park is left unused.

The concept of New XinZhuang Sports and Athletics Centre will be integrated with the landscape and the architecture. The unified buildings will be opened by newly designed routes so that the existing space configuration will be broken. With diverse environmental elements such as vertical and transverse ones to be addressed, the new opportunities will be made possible between the main buildings.

位置 Location

面積 Size

完工時間 Completed Year

狀態 Status

新北市新莊區 Xinzhuang District, New Taipei CIty

2 ha


Construction Completed

業主 Client

團隊 Team

新北市政府 New Taipei City Government 


獲獎紀錄 Awards

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