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臺東縣富岡、都蘭 Fugang/Doulan,Taitung County


Completed Year

1.6 km + 2.3 km



Construction Completed


臺東縣政府 Taitung County Government






With a 176 km long coastline, Taitung has the longest coastline among all counties in Taiwan. However, people living here were separated from the ocean by seawalls. The goal of this project is design and create both natural and sustainable coastal spaces to repair the relationship between people and the ocean. This demonstration project will become the future recreational development model for Taitung, aiming on bringing people to the ocean, and let ocean into life.

Fugang Levee Walk (1.6KM) and Dulan Ocean Walk (2.3KM) are the two demonstration sites chosen for the first stage construction of Taitung Pacific Trail system.

Due to the frequent Typhoons, there is a 2M tall seawall built on top of the original levee blocking the ocean view. The Fugang Levee Walk is constructed on top of the seawall, integrating the seawall with open spaces, windbreak forest, ditch along the walk, and the nearby communities. It provides resting points along an elevated circulation, reversing the negative impression of the tall seawall.

Considering the environmental sensitivity, the walkway of Dulan Ocean Walk is designed with Gabion structures, allowing penetration both horizontally and vertically. This geology walk connects the bays and several existing recreational sites, bringing unique east coast experience at the same time initiating the interaction between tourists and residents.

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